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Commercial Cleaning Tips in The Coronavirus Pandemic

Our workplace, employment locations, and homes are where we spend most of our time. All these areas need to be neat and clean for our best physical and mental wellbeing. Our clean and healthy environment is a basic requirement for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, a hygienic workplace environment improves employees' working efficiency. Home cleaning is something that is relatively easy to do when compared to commercial areas. They differ because in commercial areas there is:

  • A vast area to be cleaned

  • More advanced techniques to perform cleaning, not like your simple broom and mop

  • More specified tools, equipment, and specific locations

  • You need more specialized cleansers for certain areas

  • Commercial cleaning requires you to clean daily, weekly, or monthly

Whether you have a shop, restaurant, bar, office space or any space that you own, you must clean it frequently. Your work area specifically needs to be cleaned more often than a home space because it is vital to creating a pleasant, productive, and comfortable working environment. As mentioned above, home cleaning is somewhat easy, while commercial cleaning is a more difficult task that requires professional cleansing skills and tools. To remedy this situation, Maid To Care Cleaners will provide the most efficient and effective cleaning solutions for your business. We offer janitorial (daily cleaning) and commercial cleaning (sometimes less frequent but often deep cleaning) solutions.

Our commercial cleaning employees use advanced technology tools, modern cleansing methods, and highly effective detergents/ floor buffers, chemicals, and acids for deep cleaning. A workplace that has not been cleaned can be a breeding site for many pests or germs, making the area dangerous to inhabit. That's why detailed and expert cleaning requires hiring a commercial cleaning service like us: Why do you need to hire Maid To Care Cleaners for your commercial cleaning needs? The answer is;

1. To get cost-effective cleaning

2. To do the cleaning in a short amount of time

3. The Maid To Care Cleaners Guarantee

4. Our expert cleaners cleanse the workplace equipment in the most efficient ways

More specifics in your cleaning include

· Window cleaning or glass cleaning

· Floor cleaning

· Carpet or floor area cleaning

· Wall cleaning

· Drainage and Air Conditioning system cleaning

· Disinfection and pest control

· Daily janitorial maintenance

· Post-construction cleaning

· Move-in and move-out cleaning etc.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged many parts of the world. It has spread directly or through touching contaminated surfaces. Movements from one place to another and businesses have been restricted or reduced, making the use of preventative measures, very necessary. Because of this situation, cleaning and sanitizing areas is very pertinent to everyday life. Here are some tips from Maid To Care Cleaners for safe commercial cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic;

1. First, disinfect the area that needs cleaned to decrease the base spread of viral infection.

2. Always wear protective gear like gloves and facial masks etc.

3. Avoid going to your place of work for cleaning activities if you feel unwell.

4. Plan the frequency of cleaning as well as disinfection to avoid virus spread

5. Make sure you are cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces daily.

6. Educate your workers on how to clean under EPA rules to ensure hard and fast working SOPs are being followed to ensure viral infection safety.

Cleaning frequently is the best way to keep yourself and others from this deadly virus. Thank you and stay safe!

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